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The name HMI comes from the abbreviation of Hand Made Inpirations owned by B.V.B. B.V. Hand made Inpirations means that these communities are inspired by nature itself to create colors that symbolize the essential elements for life such as the sun, water, fauna and flora. HMI  is an ethnic fashion brand based in the Netherlands, under the firme B.V.B. B.V.

It aims to encourage artisans from different regions of Colombia and some other South American countries so that their handmade creations are valued and recognized before the world as garments originals of great beauty and quality. All HMI items are carefully crafted by indigenous communities or artisanal farmers, using high quality sustainable materials. Although many communities lack some basic needs as for example water this does not prevent them from continuing to inspire themselves based on their dreams, ideals and ancestral legends. The main objective of our brand reflects our dedication to preserve indigenous culture, nature and create decent work opportunities through the promotion of this traditional art form.


The mission of HMI is to create a sustainable source for high-quality handcrafted products from Latin America to reach the global fashion market. We work hard to support the creativity, ingenuity and inspiration of the artisan workers while we try to preserve the ancestral indigenous culture and creative traditions.

HMI honors the culture of Latin American artisans, in order to be recognized as an important part in the development and economic and cultural social of Latin America in general. The promotion of these creative companies and local artisans empowers families and communities for a better quality of life and is an important part of the development of a country.


HMI Seeking to create an alternative for consumers looking for unique fashion trends with original designs taking care of the quality and elegance of each garment.

We are also available to really show the customer what they buy. At HMI, you know where each item comes from, how they are made and who actually made them. We want to be the direct bridge and show the true story behind each item, including the culture of the artisans and the traditional technique used to make each piece. and The materials used is our way of highlighting the beautiful work of our artisans and being their window to the world.

For us it is important to contribute to the environment in which artisans can have a better quality of life, education and legal right over the originality of

their artisan designs, obtain opportunities for their family businesses and carry out the personal designs. and for the consumer to offer clarity and guarantee about what they buy.

HMI simply want to be the direct conection between the client and the artisan.

Latin American Fair Fashion Show

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