Wale’Keru The love between threads



The story tells that the Wale’Keru spider fell in love with a man; and they offered him cotton as a
gift, which he swallowed and then spread like a twisted stream or woven cotton threads

Origin of the Wayuu tissue
According to the Wayuu legend, in a place on the Guajira peninsula, a young hunter encountered an orphaned, abandoned girl. The young hunter (called Irunnu) very sad took it to his house where he lived with his sisters, in order to care for her and teach her the female trades. The girl’s sisters rejected the girl which made him take care of her. When Irunuu went to work, the girl was insulted and mistreated.

On one of the nights of solitude, she transformed herself into a beautiful maid who pulled from her mouth the threads with which she was going to weave her protector chinchorros y Wayucos. The sisters, discovering the fabrics, let their brother know that they were his works. However Irunuu discovered the qualities of the girl transformed into a maiden, who then punished the sisters by turning them into bats; Irunuu in love with the girl wanted to retain it but when trying to embrace it he left in his hands a shred of cobweb, that is to say the beautiful maiden had turned into a spider and disappeared among the branches of a tree.

Irunuu, very sad when he returned home, collected the tissues and kept them so that the new Wayuu generations could learn the art of weaving. In this way the varied expression of the fabric began to spread throughout the peninsula.

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